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For more than 30 years, water anglers have come to rely upon Castaway's handcrafted American made rods for every condition on the water.  When you want a rod that you can trust to handle the fish you have worked to find, look no further.  The feel and strength of Castaway Rods are second to none.  Visit their website at to get your hands on what I trust to do the job every day.

I am proud to use many different Bomber products on my trips.  A staple that I keep a minimum of a dozen on board is the Paradise Popper X-treme, the best popping cork on the market that has put more Trout and Redfish on my boat than I can count.  You can use both live shrimp or soft plastics with a Bomber Shad Jig Head underneath it.  Another great bait that I have two of every color is the Badonk-A-Donk HP topwaters.  If you want to consistently catch more and bigger fish on your next trip to the bay, go directly to and fish with the best!  Also make sure to check out their FaceBook page: Bomber Lures  

The staff at Waypoint Marine, especially the Shoalwater expert Mr. Jared Poole, are there for all of your boating needs.  Why trust the team at Waypoint Marine??  The hardest question, but the easiest answer. You will find true boating professionals at Waypoint Marine. You will be greeted with courtesy and enthusiasm. Everyone at Waypoint appreciates EVERY customer, no matter their needs. The Poole family invites you to drop by and experience the friendly attitude that has made them leaders in the boating industry for over 30 years. BEST BOATS, BEST SERVICE, BEST VALUE....All with a smile!

If you know me or have ever seen me, I am NEVER without a pair of Costa Del Mar sunglasses on me with multiple back-up pairs in the truck and boat just in case.  These sunglasses literally allow me to see the fish before they see me giving me a massive advantage.  They allow me to be in the sunlight from dawn until dusk with zero eye fatigue.  They do an unbeleivable job for me and look damn good doing it.  To experience outdoor life in HD, please visit their website at and go see whats out there.

Yeti Coolers shouldn't need much of an introduction.  They created a product that absolutely dominates the market.  I use their coolers for ice and literally keep ice for days.  I use their ramblers for drinks and colsters for all of the canned beverages.  If you are sick of melted ice and replacing a cooler that can't keep up with you, please go to and purchase something that is wildly stronger and keeps ice longer.

Chitch-Ya Outdoors is a Texas Based outdoor apparel company created by outdoor enthusiasts.  They have great gear for all of your outdoor activities.  As their logo shows, they do it all.  Please check them out on Facebook, Instagram, and be patient as they remodel their website with hats, shirts and other great items that are coming soon!

Effective 8/23/16 Foster Guide Service was certified as an LLC. 

Wet Sounds is the industry leader in producing speakers that provide the clearest and loudest sound on both land and water.  If you have ever heard Wet Sounds speakers, you instantly knew what music was supposed to sound like.  Wet Sounds uses new technology and unique engineering that has resulted in multiple awards as well as setting the bar higher than all that came before them.  Follow them on all social media platforms, call them at 877-WET-SPKR, or visit their web page to upgrade your sound system today.  Hearing is Believing.

Stinky Pants Fishing hand crafts top quality wading gear right here in Texas.  I use their boga floats, stringers and key floats on the boat.  Besides being a great looking product, their stringers are made out of a material that instantly releases your catch in the cooler and doesn't hang up on gills or teeth.  Check out their Facebook page and website to get equipped with the best gear on the market.


I am proud to host The Outdoor Factor with longtime friend Jeremy Sickles and close friend and producer, Christy King.  We travel the country doing what we love and sharing our passion of the outdoors with viewiers nationwide.  We are currently filming epsiodes for the third quarter of 2018 and we can't wait to show you what we have been up to!  Follow our adventures on social media, or go to our website.

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